Friday, February 26, 2010

Shadow Government

Shadow Government

Several years ago when I received the following article - or I should say its forerunner - I tossed it off as anti-Semitic and slanderous. Over the past ten years material sent to me by networkers and listeners were filed (because I'm a pack rat) after little more than a glance, which file eventually became three; and a couple of books which have multiplied times twenty.

I didn't want to use the "J" word, so my file was titled "Zionism". Little did I know how appropriate the file label was, and I see now that my hesitance in using the "J" word - even printing it on a file folder in the privacy of my own home - was part of the brain-washing that I had absorbed by osmosis over the years.

The day I picked Nesta Webster's book off the shelf - a little book titled "Germany and England" - was the day my journey began. As I read about the Bolshevists in Russia and the "J" word kept popping out at me from her pages, I had more or less the same knee-jerk reaction. Again, in the privacy of my own home I felt uneasy and confused at the same time, because a renowned and respected historian was using that "J" word and accusing them of dastardly deeds.

Since that time about three years ago nearly all of the books have been read and I have poured over the papers in those three fat hanging files and I still feel the need to preface an article like this in case you would react as I initially did and want to go into denial.

I am not Christian Identity. It makes as little sense to me as those who call themselves Jews, who are in actuality Talmudists, if we relate Jews to a religion. Moses Mendelssohn, a learned Jew, described it this way: "Judaism is not a religion, but a Law, religionized". Yes... a Law that has become religionized. That would be Talmudic Law, and I have discovered that there is, indeed, a centuries-old plan being played out nearly to its fruition today. That 'religionized Law' is the bedrock of the plan for World Dominion. . . not under Divine LAW of our Heavenly Father of Which Jesus spoke.

The plan? This world - the whole planet earth - to be ruled by man who claims to be "the chosen" of his god; who will inherit the world with all its land and treasure along with slaves to serve him. We and the 'lesser brethren' of this priestly sect would be the slaves, only the 'lesser brethren' of the elect are not aware of the plan because mostly they refuse to see, as so many who call themselves Christians refuse to see.

Please read the following article with an open mind, and if you don't believe it you can verify it for yourself, as the author suggests. Keep in mind the intense and non-stop psychology

cal conditioning being used by major media today to rouse the American people to a war that promises to be ".... maybe forever". Little boys (and girls) today are intended - when they come of age - to be cannon fodder in "their" New Endless War on Terrorism. It need not be.

-- Jackie -- October 25, 2001

p.s. A tape I highly recommend for listening is Steven Jacobson's (yes, he's a Jew) audio tape titled Media Mind Control in America.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Dr. Muhamed Haneef of Australia

The New Dr. Muhamed Haneef of Australia

It is being alleged Dr. Muhamed Haneef is linked to a crime scene of the United Kingdom because one of his old telephone sim card was used by someone over UK. Accordingly, the British police officers arrived in Australia. They interviewed him and they found him to be a person of NO INTEREST.

However, many Australian politicians and public servants who do not mind to rape their mother and daughter for Israel went on to arrest him and then they demonise and terrroise him through a series of conspiracies. By the same time, the zionised media and machineries of Australia euphorically ostracized Muslims of Australia and beyond. In short, the whole anti-Muslim circus did cost Australia hundreds of millions. At the end of the day they found Dr. Muhamed Haneef is totally innocent.

See the Australian News Media and their Cameramen, again on 2nd February, Outside Downing Centre Court. The Zionists are Dying to manipulate the facts said by Sheikh Haron. They Have A Very well Prefabricated and well Engineered Leading Questions in Progress ( As they reported deceitfully in the past). In the hope they can select and edit parts of that Interview, then broadcast and telecast to promote hatred against Muslims in Australia. It was very successfully done in Dr Haneef’s case.




Link For the 2nd Feb long Video Recording

In short, The Most Wanted Man in Australia! is not guilty of any serious crime. For details please examine links below.

Muslims Are Guilty Before Even Being Charged!

Sheikh Haron was created to challenge the trial by media. Premier Nathan Rees was dedicated to expose opportunist and lynch mob politicians. The Zionised Media Circus is further evidence to point out the existence of modern day Joseph Goebbels right here, right now in Australia and the suffocation of truth in the media.

I hope Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will tell us why the neo-cons (mainly Zio-Nazis) managed to force us to fight other people’s war outside Australia. I also would like to know, why, there were no proper debates or discussion inside or outside parliament before invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? Why did they emotionally blackmail us prior to and after those un-winnable Israel centric wars?

Hang On What’s Going On? and Sheikh Haron Conspiracy are a nice twist. Do You Like to Expose Shiekh Haron Conspiracy is from another dimension. Sheikh Haron, Double Standard and Hypocrisy and The Most Wanted Man in Australia! are self explanatory! 

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