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What was Israel's role in the WTC attack?

What was Israel's role in the WTC attack?

The Washington Times ran a story on September 10, 2001 about a 68-page study issued by the U.S. Army School for Advanced Military Studies (SAMS). The study, issued by the elite Army officer's school, detailed the dangers of a possible U.S. Army occupational force in the Mideast.

Here is the article's comment about the study's view of the Israeli Mossad:
Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."Ironically, within 24 hours of the story's publication, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was attacked. Could the "ruthless and cunning Mossad,"; as the U.S. Army officers describe it, covertly have been behind the attack?

The Mossad is the most ruthless terrorist organization in the entire world. It is also one of the largest and most sophisticated intelligence organizations. No other nation comes even close to its scope and power in the Mideast region. It prides itself on infiltrating every sizable militant Palestinian and Arabic organization on earth. Knowing these facts, there can be little doubtthe Mossad has deeply penetrated one of the oldest, largest and what is considered the most dangerous Arabic terrorist organization on earth; bin Laden's al-Qaida.

Furthermore, the FBI and the CIA have clearly stated that the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was a huge covert operation using an international network of at least a hundred terrorists, spanning three continents. Could Mossad agents in al-Qaida as well as the restof Mossads vast network of thousands of infiltrators and informants, not have known about the most extensive and ambitious Arabic terrorist operation in history?

It is, of course, extremely difficult to prove the precise role of a secretive, foreign intelligence organization, such as the Mossad, in a terrorist act; they dont brag about their exploits on the Internet. But, powerful evidence is mounting that Israelis had foreknowledge of the September 11th attack on America. And, if indeed they had foreknowledge of these murderous acts of terrorism – and then had the cold-blooded mentality not to warn the United States because they saw a horrendous massacre of thousands of Americans as good for Israel -it follows that they would have felt no restraint from actually instigating and covertly aiding this terrorist plan through their own agent provocateurs. Lets look at the hard evidence indicating the Mossad had foreknowledge of the September 11 attack.

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