Friday, October 16, 2009

Records of Previous American Conspiracy

Records of Previous American Conspiracy

USS Maine! Was it a conspiracy or convenient accident? According to Cavalry to Theocracy the US Cavalry to loot and rape native Indians, Pearl Harbor to trigger WW2, Gulf of Tonkin to trigger US terrorism in Vietnam and the 9/11 was a trigger to restart crusade against Muslims and Arabs while the 9/11 of 1967 is dead and buried under the water! The Theocratic Iranians Audacity ought to be the reason to unleash Zionised American Terrorism in Persia! Nothing new!

Barack Obama to John McCain is a bit interesting like Paul Keating End of the World. However, this Yahoo Question re Obama could be more interesting too.

Rahm Emanuel, a Son of a Terrorist got the key post in the White House under President elect Barak Obama! Jewish and conservative, New Zealand's elected PM promises change and may be he will punish Helen for anti-Semitism!

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