Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Is It O.K. To Insult Muslims and Christians?

Why Is It O.K. To Insult Muslims and Christians?

Yahoo Q and A

Historically speaking Pakistan did the right thing by banning the false and fabricated cartons as they are deliberately designed to injure the feelings of Muslims.

No body got any picture of Prophet Mohamed. Any offensive pictures and cartons are false and totally inconsistent with history, facts and reality. They are not positive and constructive in the first place.

Similarly “Piss Christ” is inaccurate, offensive and not constructive.

However, to ensure ‘equal opportunity abuse’ how come we have not seen a half naked Moses sucking cock?!

From my memory, it is O.K. to insult Muslims, Christians, …in Yahoo Q and A. However, it is not O.K. to point out Israeli war crimes and genocides!! Report Monkeys and all other vile animals will be active to murder our FREE SPEECH.

We are watching this blatant double standard and hypocrisy.

Therefore, lets’ settle, free speech for all or none. No monkey business.

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